After all, what is Timesheet?

What is timesheet

Timesheet Is the term used to define a System where you record the time spent with each activity Held in his daily work. The system is used to control hours worked on projects within a company, thus facilitating the management of team time.

Originally this hourly note was made through sheets of paper, but currently the most found methods are Excel tables and online timesheet softwares, making this process faster, simpler and more practical.


Why use?

Currently, it is estimated to be spent 1 hour per day with activity that are not Professionals during a working day, such as stop for coffee, trips to the bathroom, conversations with colleagues about personal matters or give that conferred on social networks, we know that this is healthy for the environment of the work, however, have A control of this is essential to understand the dynamics and functioning of your team and you sure want to have that information, right?


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There are several reasons for a company or team to use a timesheet, not just the control of employee activities. Here are two good reasons to use a timesheet:

  • Improve your time management: Time management is a process that requires a lot of discipline, and you need to know where you are wasting your time and what your performance is, factors that are identified in a simplified way through a timesheet.
  • Calculate Team Productivity: Nowadays there are several ways to calculate the productivity of a team, one of which is through the control of hours spent in performing activities through a timesheet. This way, the manager has production data to measure the amount of work done by its employees and, in the long run, this is a very important asset to identify problems. A simple example: You have an employee who always performs the same activity, and in the last few months you realize that it is taking twice as long to perform the same activity, this is an indicator that something is wrong and your chance to fix it.

These two advantages are found in any timesheet model, however, sAnd you want to maximize your time and productivity management, the most indicated is to adopt a software of timesheet online For your company.



How does it work?

By choosing to adopt a timesheet, you can choose from several platforms that usually take around thirty minutes to set up. Many think that using timesheet will only add a task in its day, which is already running, and that this will only hinder, but this may be the key to achieving professional equilibrium. Online timesheets are practical, fast and simple to use! This is a vision that must be overcome by the manager.

After setting up a timesheet, you deverácolocar the time you spent with each of the activities you performed, preferably immediately after your termination. At the end of the day, you will have a detailed report of how much time you spent and what was done. Through this report, you can Identify the tasks that have taken you the most time than they should, how much time did you spend on Unproductive activities And then you can readjust your routine for the next day.

It is important to stress that the commitment to fill in the correct way your timesheet is critical to obtaining reliable results. Moreover, it is essential to have a time to analyze the results obtained.

Another possibility is comparing your timesheet with those of your co-workers, allowing you to evaluate, for example, that a colleague performs the same task in less time than another, enabling the exchange of experiences in order to optimize everyone's time.

What are the benefits of timesheet?

We all know that efficient time management brings a number of benefits, both for
, as for the company. When adopting the timesheet, it is possible to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary activities
  • Plan for the next activities
  • Achieving professional balance
  • Increase your work time performance
  • Reduce extended work days
  • Assist decision Making
  • Assist in the correct pricing of your services (Hours/man)
  • Facilitating meetings

These are just some of the benefits that timesheet adoption can bring to your professional life or your business.

Who uses the timesheet?

Companies from various segments use some form of time control, either off or online.  The companies that use the most are consultants, agencies and accounting and advocacy offices, which make projects for half an hour worked. However, anyone who needs to do time management at work should use a timesheet.

Regardless of the market segment in which you operate, time control can be a strategic action in your management and you can take advantage of all the benefits of using a timesheet tool.


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